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At we take great pride in the quality and trustworthiness of our reviews.

Our review team have read every one of the 181,211 nursery reviews before they were published on The team performs a number of checks to ensure the reviews comply with our review policy.


Nursery Review Score

If a nursery has received one or more reviews in the previous 2 years, a review score (a circular icon similar to above) will show on its search result listing and on its profile page.

The review score ranges from 10 (best) - 1 (worst). The score's algorithm takes into account the quantity, quality and recency of a nurseries reviews and ratings.

We hope it provides childcare seekers with a simple, but powerful 'at a glance' metric. However we recommend reading every review if interested in a particular nursery.

Nursery Awards

Our annual Nursery Awards recognises 20 of the top rated Nurseries in each region of the UK based on reviews from parents / individuals responsible for a child.

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Nursery Group Awards

Our annual nursery group awards recognises groups/owners with the most top rated nursery members.

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The review score shown is the average review score for all nurseries in the relevant country, region or county. The review score is a proprietary score that ranges from 1 - 10 and takes into account review recency, quantity and overall rating value.

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